So Who Runs this?

Tania Bertelsen


Graphic Design, Marketing and Branding of a product or company has been my passion for over 15 years. I enjoy following an uknown product from being a creative idea on the sketch board to becoming a sought-after product on the Coast.
Or see a restaurant open its’ doors and through hard work, innovative branding and detailed marketing become one of the most visited. That’s why I love what I do. It’s not just a job to me – it’s part of my lifestyle..

To make a business successful it’s not to enough to just open the doors, run a 3 month campaign in the cheapest local paper and then expect clients to just flow in. There’s so much competition and clients are more demanding. I know you’re busy running your business – and that’s exactly why Tiny Fish can help.


Originally from Denmark – with Sri Lankan roots – and having lived in Kuwait for over 10 years and now Spain, I’m an open-minded, hardworking girl with a positive attitude who will follow through on any project.


I’ve worked in the magazine, advertising and print business for over 15 years on Costa del Sol. All this time I’ve worked close with my clients with everything from design to detailing a marketing plan and furthermore assisting them with print jobs and arranging events to attract attention to their business. 

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